About Us



ALLE Tooled Handbags was born on a trip to "San Miguel de Allende México", walking through its charming streets I found small boutiques where I discovered incredible handbags with an impressive quality and a spectacular design, all handmade by experienced Mexican artisans, I immediately wanted them All!
After having seen those original and beautiful purses, I contacted the manufacturers and started an online business, my own shop with all the designs that I love. my business is based in Virginia, USA.
My company aims to complement and improve your outfits with handbags that will make you stand out and feel original.


I am delighted to be able to help my country with my small contribution, helping those artisans to have a platform where they can sell their "pieces of art" and stay in their own towns with their loved ones.
It is my privilege to help create and preserve jobs for Mexican and Latin American artisans within their own countries. The acquisition of my products helps in the rapid growth of these jobs, providing a stable source of income for their families.
In turn, communities will be fostered in an economically stable environment. In the same way, these artisans transmit to their children the art of creating beautiful objects that can be enjoyed by all.

Enjoy the handbags of my collections that were made especially for you!