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About Us



We believe that a confident woman has power


Only Designers Shop was born in a trip to "San Miguel de Allende Mexico", walking through its charming streets I found small boutiques where I discovered incredible handmade tooled handbags with an impressive quality and a spectacular design, I loved them! I also found hand-embroidered clothes and silver jewelry very trendy and modern (Mexico is known for being a country that works silver in an exceptional way besides being one of the first countries worldwide in the extraction of silver); Mexican craftsmen do an exceptional job with their hands creating beautiful jewelry with a world-class quality.

After seeing those original and beautiful items Immediately I contacted the manufacturers and start my online business based in Virginia, USA since then I have created an store that not only includes hand-chiseled bags, but also fine trendy jewelry from famous Mexican designers and hand-embroidered jackets with very traditional Mexican designs but with a twist of modern and casual touch. The artisans ladies who hand-embroider these garments spend three to six months making only one and giving it their personal touch, that is why I want to expose their products to the world and help them to have a platform for the American market. I am delighted to be able to help my country with my small contribution and at the same time to be an entrepreneur woman always searching for new opportunities.

 Only Designers Shop creates original and unique accessories of high quality   for the modern woman who knows the power of refinement and a sophisticated image. 

I am proud to introduce fine trendy jewelry, tooled handbags and embroidered clothes created by emerging designers from Mexico and Latin America. ODS products are made with organic materials including gold, silver, wood, bone and cotton, all handcrafted through  meticulous workmanship.

My company aims to complement and enhance your outfits with accessories  and clothes that will make you stand out, empowering you to feel confident and comfortable not only how you dress by in your own world. ODS collections include Embroidered Jackets, Trendy Gold Jewelry & Tooled Handbags 


It is our privilege to help create and preserve jobs for Mexican & Latin American artisans within their own countries. Acquiring our products aid in the rapid growth of these jobs, providing for a stable source of income for their families.           

In turn, communities will be fostered in an economically stable environment.  Likewise, these craftsmen pass on to their children the craft of creating beautiful items that may be enjoyed by all. 

Enjoy the pieces from our collections that were made especially for you