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ALLE Tooled Leather Handbags



ALLE Hand -Tooled Leather Handbags 

Each ALLE hand-tooled leather handbag is unique; the collection includes many colors, shapes and sizes of sturdy bags, each with a vintage feel and hand-crafted, original design. Made from 100% genuine leather, each bag varies in shading due to the thickness which is determined by the age of the animal and the natural creases of the leather itself: hence, each bag’s color and characteristics are truly one-of-a-kind. Our talented and experienced Mexican artisans produce satchels, clutches, hobos, shoulder and cross-body bags, totes and wallets, each tooled with flowers, leaves and/or leaves.


ALLE Trendy Tooled Leather Handbags are unique in colorful designs. The collection includes all shapes and size of sturdy bags, vintage feel and original designs. They are made from 100% genuine leather that is a natural material, therefore, the quality, shape, shades, and thickness vary depending on the animal age and its characteristic. Your bag may present shading of color and creases that is totally normal, even they will soften in time, maybe the color that you see in one bag varies in another one, so you will have a unique piece. The designs on the bags are flowers, filigree or leaves, hand-tooled by Mexican Artisans, usually takes 8 days to finish one. The final product is a perfect sturdy handbag that you can use for everyday settings or for a walk in the city, durable and beautiful, add a perfect artisanal appeal to your outfits, its size is perfect for your basics and more. The interior is leather too with additional pockets. You will have a classic and elegant bag that will highlight your outfit. We are committed to giving you the perfect accessory so never go unnoticed. Clean the leather with a damp cloth and keep the bag away from water or oil. Our collection includes Satchel, clutch, hobo, shoulder,